I enjoy ghost stories and cartoons, and I'm pretty sure my cat loves me. I'm currently homeschooled, but who knows were the future is planning to drag me next. My scorce of life is Motorcity and coffee, and I enjoy both with my imaginary friends. I work during the Wednesdays, but sometimes Monday and Friday too. Why am I telling you that. You'd better not use this information against me. Now hav a cookie, I baked too many.


Uh…so here we witness Jughead Jones…enjoying a kiss from a girl? Was he high? Ethel spiked his juice box. That must be it. xD

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    I read this comic several times now, and it STILL doesn’t make sense. It makes as little sense as Kingdom Hearts, and...
  2. bramblerose4 said: Do you see how pissed Reg looks in that last panel? XD Someone looks like they are covered in Jelly!
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